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Boulezar // Comfy Couture // Handmade in Germany

Autumn | Winter 2016


About Boulezar

Boulezar’s Luxury Casual Wear combines the use of high-end fabrics and the fine art of German tailoring in an unobtrusive, contemporary style. Designed for true comfort and to surpass temporary vogues it resembles a modern interpretation of luxury fashion in the perfect symbiosis between quality, comfort and design.

In Boulezar’s young history the primary focus of all activities has always been in the quality of its products. That is the reason why our collections are exclusively made in Germany. Aside from the pleasure of supporting and working with like-minded, highly-skilled manufacturers in the region it allows Boulezar to actually guarantee an impeccable quality and a fair production process throughout.

Our focus on comfort is a key element to the brand’s philosophy. To achieve that we combine some of the finest Italian and Japanese fabrics sourced from small and medium-sized family-run businesses with our refined cuts, reduced designs and finally some outstanding German craftsmanship.