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Boulezar // Comfy Couture // Handmade in Germany




We celebrate the 10th anniversary of TUSH Magazine with these ten unique backpacks. Everyone of these designs is strictly limited to one piece. These backpacks are designed and handmade in Germany and are made of our hight quality and innovative fabrics. 


The entire revenue of these backpacks is directly donated to the ASSOCIATION POUR L’INTEGRATION SOCIALE DE HANDICAPES PHYSIQUES (AISHP), a non-profit organization that gives scholarships to handicapped children of The Congo. TUSH and BOULEZAR care about the faithful application of this donation.




For this autumn/winter season  we teamed up with Hong Kong based sneaker manufacturer Cipher. They created these absolutely stunning pairs of sneakers for us. 



Our friends at Cipher share our love for hand-crafted products. So these unique sneakers are hand-made in Italy The manufacturing for a pair of these takes two days - resulting in the ultimate comfort and high quality both Boulezar and Cipher stand for.


Visit the cipher website and see their fantastic new sneakers. 




After the successful application to the WORTH Project, Boulezar and A+Z Design won a highly endowed grant for the realization of the proposed collaboration that was initiated and mentored by the Institute Francais de la Mode. Inspired by the designer Charles F. Worth - a pioneer of the Haute Couture, the WORTH Projekt brokers new partnerships between manufacturers, artisans and designers in Europe. 


A+Z Design is a Belgian textile design studio specializing in the design and development of innovative textures. The studio with clients in the "Haute Couture" relies on traditional know-how in textile design and makes full use of new materials and techniques. The combination of tradition and innovative approaches, together with advanced techniques lead to the distinctive designs Boulezar  has always strived for. 


The result is a set of three different unique and extraordinary fabrics that A+Z Design specially designed, developed and hand crafted for Boulezar's Fall/Winter 2015/16 collection.