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Boulezar // Comfy Couture // Handmade in Germany



We believe that true luxury is fair! Thats why we provide full transparency on our entire supply chain. From the raw material to the point of sale. The reason we can do so is because we have nothing to hide: 


100 % of our production is done in Germany


under fair working conditions and to the highest safety and quality standards. We work with carefully selected, highly skilled small to medium-sized family-run manufacturing companies from Germany, Italy and Japan that create only the finest garments, yarns and accessories (zippers, buttons, etc.) also under fair working conditions.




Italian manufacturers have a long heritage in producing only the best cashmere and wool yarns available. Our Italian suppliers source their raw cashmere fibers from Mongolia, a country known for the best cashmere worldwide. These are then turned into robust yarns, ready for knitting.





Japanese manufacturers are known worldwide for high quality cotton fabrics including the iconic Japanese denim. We work with a number of small Japanese companies using traditional looms. These are in use for generations and deliver a truly unique fabric with the distinctive quality Boulezar strives for.



Most of Boulezar's silk, wool, jersey and cashmere fabrics are sourced from our Italian partners. These small to medium-sized family-run businesses we work with have a long tradition in developing and producing exclusive fabrics. That allows us to discover and use often rare and innovative fabrics that are sometimes exclusive to Boulezar.



100 % of our production is done in Germany. We exclusively work with regional manufacturers, which gives us tight control over  our product quality, short transportation routes and it ensures a product produced under fair working conditions.