Thank you for you purchase with Boulezar. If you wish to return your order please make sure you follow the instructions below. 



1. Pack it

Place the item you wish to return in the branded box we provided and close the parcel thoroughly for shipment. Note that for a return to be accepted the product needs to be unused and the security seal has to be attached. 


2. Let us know

Let us know there is a return coming by filling out the form above. If you wish your product to be exchanged for a different size, let us know in the "Reason for return" field and we will send you the demanded size. 




3. Free return sticker

We will send you a E-Mail with a return sticker you can attach to your parcel. Now place the sticker on the package. Make sure not to cover any of the barcodes or the shipment address on the sticker. 


4. Arrange a pick up 

You can arrange a pickup date for your parcel with UPS here or drop it of at a UPS/DHL partner shop. Find a UPS partner shop near to your location here or a DHL partner shop here.



5. Thats it

Once we have received and processed your return we will transfer the according amount back to your credit card automatically. And thats it!